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max_martin's Journal

Martin Sandberg (AKA: Max Martin)
26 February
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Hi!! Im Max Martin. Im the greatest LJ Villain EVER! I Raise hell and have fun in the process. In my spare time I write hit songs for all of those Bubble Gum Bitches who deserve to bow to me and kiss my big fat fucking feet!! If it wasnt for me that whore Britney would still be working the streets of Louisiana! God i love myself :)I also love Methamphetamines and various forms of speedy drugs, so if anyone is lookin for a X-mas present for your buddy Max.. Tee Hee. Me and Jennifer Lopez are back together!! I LOVE HER WITH ALL MY HEART AND I WILL MAKE HER HAPPY!! On, and i HATE Craig Killborn.. i want him dead!

/-certified livejournal addict-\